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Disciplinary Action

disciplinary actionPlease note that should a staff member breach regulations or centre protocol, disciplinary action will be taken. A first incident will incur a verbal warning. A second incident will incur a first written warning. A third incident will incur a second written warning and a forth incident will incur a final written warning with a notice of dismissal.
Please note that the breaking of the following rules will result in:

Instant Dismissal

  1. Leaving child / children unattended in rooms or play areas
  2. Leaving the Centre during working hours without the express permission of the Managing Director
  3. Handing over of child / children to a parent ( non custodial ), Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle, Friend, without proper authorisation
  4. Verbal or physical abuse of child / children
  5. Leaving child unattended or unrestrained on changing bench or any play equipment with height
  6. Failure to report and record illness or accident involving children
  7. Stealing
  8. Falsification of records or making untrue statements
  9. Negligence
  10. The taking of alcohol or illegal drugs

Warnings up to 3 Culminating in Dismissal

  1. Habitual lateness
  2. Failure to attend to the physical and emotional needs of the children
  3. Smoking in the Centre
  4. Willful disobedience or insubordination
  5. Use of bad language or shouting at the children
  6. Failure to perform duties as prescribed in the job description supplied

This list is not all inclusive and the employer reserves the right to dismiss summarily for any act of misconduct.

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