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Supervision of Children

supervisionIt is of utmost importance that when you supervise a group of children that you follow some general guidelines:

  • always ensure that you are in a position to see all or the majority of the group
  • never sit with your back to the child, or group, if possible keep your back to a wall or fence in order for you to supervise the majority of the area
  • be aware of all the children at all times
  • regularly change your position
  • if you are in great discussion with a group of children or an individual child glance around the area every so often
  • listen out for children in distress if you can not see them
  • be aware of safety aspects eg. broken equipment, children climbing on furniture
  • ensure that parents/guardians leave their child with a staff member.
  • at no time should a child be left alone or unsupervised.
  • ensure that parents/guardians sign their child in on arrival and sign out on departure. (check regularly the attendance book for parent/s signature/s)

Any child / children found to be ‘missing’ must be reported to management immediately.

Late duty staff must ensure that every room has been thoroughly checked for children and must ensure that each child has been signed out, before locking the centre and going home.

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