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One World Children’s Centre is inclusive of all children, regardless of gender, race ,creed, abilities or social back ground,  including those from Indigenous back-grounds, children from non-English speaking backgrounds and children who have an additional need.

All children have the opportunity to reach their own level of development at their own pace , Staff tailor  programs to meet each child’s individual skills and needs.

At One World Children’s Centre we strive to integrate children with special needs into our programs.

These may include children with the following:

Hearing impairment,

Visual impairment,

Learning disability,

Physical disability

Challenging behaviour

Gifted ability

We believe an inclusive program has benefits for children who have an additional need and to all children with-in the groups. The children will learn acceptance of difference and acquire an understanding of disabilities and abilities. The inclusion of special needs children fosters a caring community and responds to the rights of all children.


Families are encouraged to visit the centre and spend time prior to the child commencing care, and to have discussions with our staff to ensure the best support network and resources are accessed. (until a particular child is enrolled it is not always possible to anticipate what special needs equipment or program changes maybe needed)

Staff to consider how the child’s and families needs can be met when including any child who has an additional need into our programs.

To enable children to participate in all program activities along with their peers, staff will:

  1. recognise parents as having expert knowledge about their child’s needs, abilities and interests
  2. gather as much knowledge about the child to settle them into the routine and program
  3. continually observe the child, plan an appropriate program and evaluate
  4. use the centre’s books, posters and other resources within the program
  5. support each child’s growth and development
  6. network with support agencies
  7. to research and continually gain up to date information on children with additional needs
  8. to attend relevant professional development


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