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Dress Code and Related Expectations

dress codeManagement provides:

  • Two uniform shirts
  • A hat
  • Name badge (replacement of lost badges will be at your own cost)

On cold days a long sleeve shirt can be worn under your uniform top. Shoes are to be closed in at the toes and a heel no higher than 3 cms.

Staff who smoke are required to wear your own personal protective equipment (i.e. a jumper or coat while doing so, then remove this before returning to work and wash your hands)

No responsibility is taken for open shoes or bare feet if an injury should occur.

No pants are to be dragging on the ground.

Tracksuit pants are not acceptable.

Have an awareness of safety aspect when wearing jewellery eg. Long dangly earrings are a safety hazard, and therefore not suitable for working with children.

Hygiene - each staff member is expected to practise regular personal hygiene.

Language - no staff member is permitted to use foul and unacceptable language whilst on duty. Please remember that children learn by example.

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