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routinesDuring quiet times, you are to be actively engaged in responsibilities such as activity preparation, nappy folding, room maintenance, etc. †If you do not know what to do please see management.

Basic cleaning duties are allotted to all staff members and it is each staff memberís responsibility to ensure that these are completed - see your room routine.

You are not permitted to sleep during childrenís rest time.

Bathroom and change areas are to be clean, tidy and safe at all times. Floors are to be swept and washed, toilets and hand basins are to be disinfected around mid afternoon

The changing areas are to be disinfected after each child.

No dummies, bottles, etc. are to be left lying on floors or benches following use. Proper cleaning and sterilising techniques are to be maintained at all times. Label and place caps on all bottles.

Ensure that childrenís bedding and linen is, at all times, clean and fresh.

Floors are to be kept free from rubbish or food at all times.

Do not leave the centre at the end of the day without ensuring that all responsibilities for the day have been completed.

All administrative records regarding the care of children are to be fully maintained at all times (e.g dietary requirements).

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