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meetingsYou are invited to attend staff and yard meetings. Staff meetings are held twice yearly from 6.45pm - 8.30pm and Yard meetings are held every eight weeks 6.30-8.00, however individual room meetings can be arranged if a need arises. Qualified Educator meetings are held every four weeks. A calendar of dates is displayed in the staff room, however reminders are placed in the communication book located in the staff room.

Meetings are a very important communication tool. These meetings are used to discuss the operations of your playroom, routines, individual children etc.

For day to day communications there is a forum in the staff intranet that needs to be checked and read regularly for centre updates and reminders. You are welcome to post anything that you feel needs addressing.

Recognition Program

In 2006 we introduced a recognition program into the child care team, to encourage and reward excellence, effort and achievement of both individuals and teams.

Each month we will select 3 winners who will be taken out for lunch and have the afternoon off. You can nominate your peers for a focus each month.

To make a nomination or take view the winners see the recoginition program tab in the staff intranet.

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