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playgroundThe refurbished childrenís play area at One World for Children is intended as an engaging space designed for children aged between one and twelve years.

Designing for children, much like childhood, is a balancing act between keeping children safe and a reasonably acceptable level of risk taking. Challenging children and allowing a healthy level of risk taking helps build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement. Adversely, removing risk and stimulation can lead to boredom and undesired behaviours.

Keeping children engaged is essential to good play space design. Well designed outdoor spaces provide an array of activities and challenges for children and should foster creative and imaginative play.

Exposing children to a variety of multi-sensory experiences during play will help them adapt to the challenges of navigating modern life. Sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, balance and temperature are all senses that children can experience and develop in the play ground. Accessing a variety of material both man-made and natural is also important: plastics, metal, timber, stone, bricks, mulch and vegetation.

Abstract shapes and natural elements such as rocks or logs have huge potential for play and creativity. Children can also learn negotiation, expression and other social skills through the process of commandeering and repurposing equipment and play spaces.

Engaged children are happy children. Children come with inbuilt creativity, curiosity and a desire to learn and play. The driving force behind the refurbishment of the outdoor play area should provide an environment that gets out of the way of and celebrates this natural process.

Come join us as we showcase to the public our new, inspiringly beautiful outdoor playscape, created for the children of One World Children's Centre, located in North Geelong. Sunday February 22nd, 11:00am - 2:00pm. 407 - 411 Thompson Rd North Geelong.† Register your attendance here or call the Centre on 52723009 for more information.

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