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Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Program in Geelong

Student with paper skeleton in our kindergarten in Geelong

As your child grows from a toddler to school-age, they'll be faced with more frequent and complex learning opportunities. Children are new to this world, and they need to learn how to navigate it with intelligence. At One World for Children Pty Ltd in Geelong, our four-year-old kindergarten program is designed to provide your child with the education they need to have a happy and healthy life.

Our four-year-old kindergarten program is the next step that children should take after completing our three-year-old program.

What Children Will Learn

Our four-year-old kindergarten program is designed to help children get ready for regular schooling. We will cover topics like:

While we don't generally teach reading and maths formally, we strongly encourage every child to pursue their interest in these topics. We help to guide them by using prompts such as asking children how many toys they have or using place cards at lunch so children can find their seats.

Because the four-year-old kindergarten program is such an important time for transitioning into primary school, we help children learn to follow rules and obey instructions from teachers.

To learn more about our centre and our curriculum, visit our FAQ page. You can also send an enquiry from our contact page or call us on 1800 006 533.

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