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Family grouping

FAMILY-GROUPING2.JPGOne World Children's Centre is a well established childcare and kindergarten, comprising of three family grouping play rooms, with age ranges from birth to six years, and two kindergarten rooms for our three and four year old programs.

In 1995, our belief in the value of family grouping was put to the ultimate test when we made the transition from age grouping to mixed age grouping. Now, over twenty years and much valuable experience later, we are still singing the praises and providing childcare in a family grouping environment.

One World Children's Centre is one of the few child care centres that offers child care in a family grouped setting.

What is family grouping?

Family grouping is the name given in child care to groups of children of mixed ages, and is so named as its composition more closely resembles that of a family, than the more popular choice of grouping children in care by age.

An important feature of a successful family grouped program is the understanding that everyday routines, as well as experiences or activities, are not only possible but can be beneficial for children and more interesting for the staff in a family grouped setting.

We firmly believe that the family grouped environment that we have developed provides an appropriate setting to foster all areas of your child's development.

READING-GIRLS.JPGBenefits of family grouping

The benefits to the children, as observed by our staff since the introduction of family grouping, are:

However, we have noted that the benefits are not only for the children. Staff have a more varied and less stressful work day in the family grouped environment. The workload is evened out as the demands from different age groups varies. Staff and children can relate in different ways depending on the situation and age and stage of the child.

Another feature of family grouping that benefits all concerned is that there is no beginning or ending to each year. The evolving nature of family grouping and the continuous booking system that we have in place ensures that our programs operate smoothly all year round.

As you can see, family grouping has many benefits to the children, their families and the staff, and as this approach is based on the principle of consistency and continuity of care for children, it enables us to provide your child with an environment that they not only can feel safe and secure in, but one in which they can develop a sense of belonging.

In mixed age groups, your child will be able to make friends and enjoy experiences at the right level for them.

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