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Program Planning

program planningOne World Children’s Centre program planning goals;

For children to experience a program that stimulates learning across all areas of development and demonstrates respect for each individual child’s needs.

For children to participate in planned and spontaneous creative music, dance, movement and drama.

For children to participate in the program, equally by ensuring children of both genders and abilities have equal access to all of the activities and equipment provided.

For the program to promote to children the importance of showing acceptance of different and diverse cultural practices by developing children’s knowledge of the customs, and celebrations of cultural groups.

For all children to actively participate in a wide range of learning experiences that are challenging, meet individual special needs and reflect an anti-bias approach.

For the program to reflect the vision and learning outcomes of the national Early Years Learning Framework.

For staff to ensure that the program planning practices are evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that our programs are of best practice.

For parents to be encouraged to contribute to the overall development of each child’s experience within the program.

To promote health and hygiene within the program in a fun and pleasant manner.

For transition times including meal times, sleep times, toileting, and nappy changing times to be used as learning experiences as well as relaxed social times for both the staff and children.

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