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What about when my child cries?

We recommend that you complete an orientation process before you child begins care at One World, as these sessions enable you and your child to feel welcome, comfortable and settled. After completing the orientation process it is common for children to experience anxiety when they are first settling in but the upset is usually short lived.

t is common that you will feel anxious about leaving your child however they are often happily playing, if your child takes a little longer to settle, please feel reassured that they are being given plenty of cuddles and reassurance until they feel happy and secure at the centre. We encourage you to make your "goodbyes" brief as a hesitant parent can worry their child more and extend the child's distress.

It is important to let the child know that you will be back "after your rest time" or other appropriate phrases. This builds a trust relationship with your child. All children do settle in and make One World their "home away from home". Your next problem to deal with will be getting your child out to the car when they don't want to go home!

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