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/_edit/Images_Lainie/WATER-PLAY-SAI.JPGSome useful things you might need are:

Obviously, water will be splashed, otherwise it wouldn't be so much fun! So, choose the area of play carefully. When my son was a baby we did this sort of play either on our balcony on hot days or in the bath tub. No need to fill the bath with water, just place all the playing materials into the tub, strip to a nappy and a t-shirt and play away. You can even climb into the bathtub with your little one if the tub is big enough, try it, it's fun!

Once my son got a little older we would play with water using large pots and containers placed on a table and I would just cover the floor under the table with a large plastic tablecloth.

Some of the things you can do: (please don't limit yourself to any lists, use your imagination)

What's developing and improving: hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, fine motor skills, counting skills.

What we are learning: volumes, concept of empty/full, colours, colour mixing.

/_edit/Images_Lainie/WATER-PLAY.JPGImaginative play

Other things you can do pretend playing with water:

So go on, start splashing - water can be fun all year around!