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How arethe programs developed?

Knowing your child as an individual, and building up a relationship with your family, is an important aspect of program planning.

In order for our staff to sensitively and appropriately plan for your child they will keep written developmental records and planning notes throughout your child's participation in their programs. All information on your child's developmental progress is available for you at any time, and our staff do welcome individual meetings with you to discuss your child's development should you wish.

The Team Leader in your child's playroom is provided with scheduled blocks of time during each week for program planning, preparation and evaluation. This time is used by the staff to not only observe and plan for the children, but to also read relevant literature, create new resources for use within the rooms, and to meet with parents when requested.

The programming revolves around experiences provided in a range of settings and utilising a variety of resources. A large range of developmental areas including social and emotional, gross and fine motor, cognitive, language and manipulative, are planned for creatively through providing art, music, literature, nature and cooking experiences for the children, as well as through the use of painting, books and natural materials from the garden.

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