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Kinder 4 Room News

A warm welcome to all of our families to our centre. Our team is looking forward to working closely together with the children and parents to provide a wonderful and challenging year for every child.

Please note that we now have two Kindergarten teachers in the room; Cathy and Ann Marie. We are in the centre during the following times:

Cathy is in the centre 9.00am to 4.30pm Mondays to Thursdays.

Ann Marie is in the centre 12.00 to 4.30pm Wednesdays and 9.00am to 4.30pm Thursdays and Fridays 

If any parent has any concerns in regard to the Kindergarten program please feel free to contact Cathy or Ann Marie. Also please feel free to peruse your child’s portfolio at any time. They are on view on shelves in the Kinder 4 room.

We have been taking photos of the children as they take part in our Kindergarten activities and groups. These photos are used to write “Learning Stories” for all children on a monthly basis. These stories involve the staff observing the children and recording their progress in the five Learning Areas of 1) Identity, 2) Community , 3) Wellbeing,  4) Learning and 5) Communication.

The observations are used to plan the future learning program. This is a cyclical process which is used during the entire Kindergarten year. 

Group-times are being spent letting children learn the names of others in the group so these relationships and connections can be made. We have also been deciding and implementing some rules for Kinder 4. It was interesting that many of the children spoke of the way to play with their friends such as “being nice” and “not tossing over someone else’s building”. These children are already showing responsibility in regard to others.

The children are settling in well. Many children have made new friends and look forward to seeing these familiar faces each time they come. The children have been busy learning about many topics including those of personal interest such as building. The pasting and painting areas have also been very busy with children telling us about their work and look forward to taking home and showing their masterpieces. The outside area is also a fantastic place to learn about new topics and reinforce ideas already known.

At the end of February we enjoyed a visit from Heather and Cilla, the dog. They are part of the Responsible Pet Education program conducted by the Victorian government.

During March we enjoyed the visit of the “Living Eggs” program. A daily diary was written and photographs taken to record all the exciting developments. After the term holidays our group book on this topic will be sent home for all children to share with their families.

We are all looking forward to the rest of the year and excited about spending time with you all.

Cathy, Ann Marie, Sue and Sally 

Thanks - Kinder 4 Team

You may contact our room via email at any time: