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Toner Recycling, Recycle Toner Cartridges, Wildlife Warriors, Australian Wildlife HospitalWe have developed a re-cycling project for One World for Children’s use of ink cartridges. As we use many ink cartridges for printing of our child care programs, activities and resources, we now have boxes stored in the office for recycling these products. Another step towards less landfill and a greener environment!


Last year One World for Children developed a ‘Green Team’. One World for Children  have always been environmentally conscious,  with the new legislation in regards to the carbon emissions and the water restrictions gripping the country, we developed our ‘Green Team’ to make what we do more advanced and effective. With our Green Team working on an action plan for waste minimization, we are helping to sustain our environment and help with our ecological footprint.

At the end of last year we introduced boxes into each family grouping room, kinder and offices as part of our Green Team action plan for waste minimization. It was a great opportunity to educate our children about recycling and how they are helping to sustain our environment.

We ask families to bring recyclable waste materials for us to use at the centre. Each month we will update you on our plans and new actions for waste minimization. Happy collecting of materials!


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