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Alkina Room News

Welcome to all our families for 2013. We have had a few changes in the room since last year we have had Jasmine move to Kinder 3 and Liz to Allunga and we miss them both very much.  We have had Maddie from Kinder 3 and Tania from Allunga to replace them and we are having so much fun with them. We have also had a few of our children move off to school and we wish them all the best and hope they are enjoying their time at school. We have also had a few new friends join us and we hope they are enjoying playing with us.  The children in Alkina are building relationships and getting to know each other.

This term we have been focusing on, providing the children with a safe, secure and fun environment, encouraging self-help skills and encouraging sharing and cooperative behaviour. In the Alkina room this term we have been practicing our songs and movements at group time which the children love as the children also use puppets during this time, we are also doing a fantastic job at using our words and our manners.  Also the older children are doing an excellent job of helping the younger children and assisting them in washing hands and faces, getting dressed after sleep time and assisting the younger children when they are having a little bit of difficulty. The older children really enjoy this; it gives them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment and teaches them about our younger friends.

During our indoor and outdoor experiences there are so many things to explore such as sand play, water play, the boat, the truck, slide and climbing equipment, puzzles, painting, drawing, pasting, play-dough, dress-ups, blocks, paddling our feet in the pond and much, much more. During this time of year as the weather is a little warmer we would encourage that every child has spare clothes in their bags and they are clearly labelled with your child’s name as it is a big help to the Alkina staff.

We also have quite a few children at the moment who are toilet training and are doing a fantastic job so it is also important for those children who are toilet training to have spare clothes. We also need to remember to remind and encourage all children after toileting and nappy changes to wash their hands.  Not forgetting to use soap, rubbing our hands together whilst counting to ten then rinsing our hands until all the soap is gone and drying them.

Just a little reminder that your child’s portfolio is available at anytime for you to read and or take home and we would appreciate your comments and feed back.

We look forward to talking to you all soon

Colleen, Zoe, Tania, Maddy

Thank you and look forward to letting you know what your children have been doing next month.
Alkina Team 

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