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At One World Children’s Centre our philosophy is to support children to develop to their maximum potential in their social, emotional, moral, cognitive and physical growth. We are committed to enhancing children’s self-esteem through daily interactions, developmentally appropriate experiences, and relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Further, we honour the child’s right to play in acknowledgement of the major contribution of play to development, in a safe and stimulating environment.

The Centre aims to equip the children with the life skills that will enable them to experience fulfilling and rewarding participation within their community, through providing opportunities to work together cooperatively, to explore human relationships and to practice non-violent conflict resolution strategies.

At the Centre we strive to develop positive, supportive relationships with families based on open communication and sharing of knowledge and skills. We consider each family unique in its structure, culture and values, and respect the special relationship between children and their families, incorporating this perspective in all our interactions with children.

We recognise staff as out most precious resource and aim to provide them with a satisfying and safe working environment. We believe that together the staff and the parents create a partnership that provides for the best interests of young children and families.

The Centre aims to develop and implement environmentally sound practices that recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment, and to foster in children an ongoing commitment to caring for the world in which they live.