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Governance and Management of the Service


One World Children's Centre is governed by a Management Team: The Management Team consists of the Managing Director, General Manager, Senior Manager & Centre Mentor.


Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010

Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011: Regulation 168(2)(l)

National Quality Standard, Quality Area 7: Leadership and Service Management


Governance: The process by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account. It encompasses authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, directions and control exercised in the organisation (Australian National Audit Office, 1999).


The governance of an organisation is concerned with the systems and processes that ensure the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of a service.

Under the National Law and National Regulations, early childhood services are required to have policies and procedures in place relating to the governance and management of the service.

One World Children's Centre is the registered business name of the company One World for Children Pty Ltd (ACN 076 297 400). One World for Children has been operating as a family owned business since 1997.

The company's director is Karyn Connors.

Karyn Connors is a qualified early childhood professional with an Associate Diploma in Social Science (Child Care) and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training. She has been working in the early childhood field for a period spanning more than two decades.

Over these years she has been a director of both a local government child care centre, and a TAFE child care centre. In addition to this, Karyn has been engaged in consultancy work and other projects relating to the provision of children and family services. She has a broad knowledge and valuable experience with all aspects of child care and business management, including administration and financial management, human resources and development and quality improvement.

Management Team

One World Children's Centre works on a Management team approach. The Management Team is made up of the Managing Director (Karyn Connors), General Manager (Carol Pundij), Senior Manager (Susan Peters) & Centre Mentor (Jo Smith).

These managers meet monthly and as necessary to ensure that the channels of communication are kept open that the centre provides the highest care, education programs and services to ensure the viability of the service.

All members of the Management Team who gain access to confidential, commercially-sensitive and other information of a similar nature, shall not disclose that information to anyone unless the disclosure of such information is required by law.


The Approved Provider is responsible for:

The General Manager is responsible for:

Ethical Practice

The following principles provide an ethical framework to guide the delivery of services


Relevant legislation and standards include but are not limited to:


KPV Early Childhood Management Manual