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Work Performance
What do you see as being your roles and responsibilities within theOWfC Management team?
What skills/abilities do you feel that you bring to the Management team?
Are there any areas/tasks which you have not as yet had the opportunity to experience but would like to develop further as part of the Management team?
What training/in-service opportunities do you feel would benefit you in your current/future role?
What makes you an effective communicator within the Management team?
How do you communicate effectively with:
General Manager /Managing Directors:
Other professionals:
Given that the forum is our main source of communication, how have you ensured that you are actively contributing to this communication method Manager?
How do you seek feedback from others?
Professional Goals / Future Direction
What is your understanding of One World’s future direction?
What are your professional goals/career objectives?
What do you believe are your strengths and areas that need strengthening?
How do you feel the General Manager /Managing Directors can further support your professional goals?
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