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Pretend play (5.21min)  Media Player YouTube

Preoperational vs Concrete
operational stage examples  (3.12mins) Media Player YouTube

Primary reflexes (2.30mins) Media Player YouTube

Circle time at my school  (4.07mins)  Media Player YouTube

All they do is play Part 1 (1.45mins)  Media Player YouTube

All they do is play Part 2 (1.38mins)  Media Player YouTube

Wanted creative kids (1:36mins) Media Player YouTube

Helping your kids get the most out of play (2.15mins) Media Player YouTube

Challenging Behaviour in Young Children (5.25mins) Media Player YouTube

Behaviour Management (6.18mins)  Media Player YouTube
(note: we prefer encouragement to rewards)

Alfie Kohn on Punishment - time out (1.11mins)  Media Player YouTube

100+ ways to encourage a child (6.48mins)  Media Player YouTube

Developmental psychology (3.07): Media Player YouTube

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