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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

For people who have skills and knowledge and would like to have this recognised.

RPL is a process of assessment only. This assessment might be against the competency standards of single units or complete qualifications.

Each of the seven qualifications we deliver is available as an RPL process.

RPL is a streamlined process of assessment of the competencies that a person has gained through life, work and formal study. Assessment is undertaken by our trained Assessors against the competency standards required for each qualification. RPL can lead to either a statement of attainment, or a complete qualification.

At One World for Children we believe in thorough processes.

We have developed a range of high quality online tools that allow us to steer your completion, all while ensuring you understand the RPL expectations.

The tools developed for this RPL process have been created to ensure all RPL assessment decisions are valid, sufficient, current and authentic.

Our highly experienced Assessors are available to you whether you have a simple question or want some feedback on your progress. In most cases the Assessor supporting you through your RPL process, will be the same person to continue to provide you training and assessment toward other units of competency or qualifications if needed.

Be aware that an RPL process is not a simple tick off process. All aspects of a training package and its units must still be covered. This means that you will have to collect evidence to complete your qualification. Things like the following:

Type of evidence


Samples of work

Documents you have completed at work (e.g. plans, records, policies, displays, workbooks, reports, letters, posters, etc)

Official documents

Policies and procedures
Certificates of attendance
Your performance appraisal
Third party reports


Zoom or some other form of live web demonstration
On the job or live visits (workplace and face to face visits may not be included in the cost of your RPL)


Talking about what you do and how you do this

Written response

Written explanations of what you do.

How does RPL work with One World?

The most important component of the RPL assessment process is the evidence you provide. It can be a time consuming task to collect evidence that adequately addresses each of the elements and performance criteria, knowledge and skill, and to gather evidence and supporting documentation.

In recognising this One World uses assessment tools that collect evidence through written assessment, conversation and observation of workplace performance.

Of course, our Assessors will observe your on-the-job competence in your workplace or a suitable venue. They will also use third party references, people who know the work you are capable of and can provide evidence through written methods and through discussion with the assessor.

Online doesn't mean out of touch! As always, we maintain frequent contact with you throughout the RPL process, guiding you and providing support and assistance whenever needed.

It is our normal practice to identify units that you can RPL prior to commencing any training. Your individual Trainer Assessor will gather information about you prior to and during enrolment, and make suggestions in an effort to guide you in making choices that best reflect your knowledge and skill.

If any RPL is identified, you will usually complete this RPL prior to starting any training. This ensures you gain recognition first up, it also allows us to offer you training if required.


Funding through the Department of Education and Training (DET). This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth government funding.

If you are eligible for Victorian DET funding (Skills Victoria funding) we support accessibility by applying an administration only fee for RPL.
$600 ($300 concession) one off non-refundable administration fee!

Self funded/Fee for Service RPL

If you are not eligible for Skills Victoria funding or wish to complete your qualification wholly through RPL, your RPL can be accessed as a self funded program.

Check our self funded Fees.

Further information

Enquire or enrol: Expression of interest or call us on 1800006533.

For more information about our training, RPL or your fee options, please call us on 1800006533 or check our training information page.