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Units of Competency - Certificate III in Education Support CHC30213

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Unit titleElements


Use communication to build relationships

assessment requirements

  1. Communicate with clients and co-workers
  2. Address communication needs
  3. Facilitate meetings


Work with diverse people

assessment requirements

  1. Reflect on own perspectives
  2. Appreciate diversity and inclusiveness, and their benefits
  3. Communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and situations
  4. Promote understanding across diverse groups


Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety

assessment requirements

  1. Identify cultural safety issues in the workplace
  2. Model cultural safety in own work
  3. Develop strategies for improved cultural safety
  4. Evaluate cultural safety strategies


Support behaviour of children and young people

assessment requirements

  1. Contribute to a safe and supportive environment
  2. Use positive support techniques
  3. Observe and collect data to assist with development of appropriate strategies for support
  4. Implement strategies to support children or young people who require additional support
  5. Monitor and review strategies


Comply with legislative. policy and industrial requirements in the education environment

assessment requirements

  1. Identify legislative and policy requirements
  2. Comply with legislative and policy requirements
  3. Identify and comply with industrial instruments relating to the job role


Assist implementation of planned educational programs

assessment requirements

  1. Contribute to planning and preparation of educational program
  2. Assist in the implementation of planned educational program
  3. Contribute to a consistent and stable learning environment
  4. Contribute to individual and group assessment in consultation with the teacher


Contribute to student education in all developmental domains

assessment requirements

  1. Support the physical development of students
  2. Support the social and emotional development of students
  3. Support the cognitive and language development of students
  4. Contribute to the inclusion of all students in the classroom and community


Contribute to organsiation and management of classroom or centre

assessment requirements

  1. Manage self in classroom
  2. Select and utilise equipment effectively
  3. Prepare and maintain teaching aids, materials and resources
  4. Monitor classroom supplies
  5. Process and maintain information (documents and records)
  6. Operate computers, printers and current technological equipment used in classroom activities
  7. Contribute to the organisation and coordination of school/centre activities


Support the development of literacy and oral language skills

assessment requirements

  1. Identify oral language, reading and writing skills
  2. Work within guidelines of literacy program
  3. Support student literacy


Support the development of numeracy skills

assessment requirements

  1. Apply developmental and learning approaches to basic numeracy skills under supervision of teacher
  2. Implement a numeracy support program
  3. Support student numeracy programs


Work effectively with students and colleagues

assessment requirements

  1. Communicate effectively with students
  2. Use current, recognised good practice techniques of communication
  3. Work effectively with diverse students and colleagues


Comply with school administrative requirements

assessment requirements

  1. Complete forms and documents as required
  2. Store and access information appropriately
  3. Manage enquiries in accordance with school policy and procedures
  4. Complete written documentation
  5. Use technology to support administrative and education support activities


Search and assess online information

assessment requirements

  1. Determine and assess information requirements in consultation with teache
  2. Locate online information
  3. Retrieve, evaluate and report on information


Set up and sustain individual and small group learning areas

assessment requirements

  1. Create a positive physical learning space
  2. Organise learning resources
  3. Prepare to provide education support to students
  4. Manage a learning timetable


Contribute to the health and safety of students

assessment requirements

  1. Maintain a safe environment
  2. Maintain a hygienic and healthy environment
  3. Supervise students in conjunction with teacher
  4. Deal with emergency situations
  5. Support the health and wellbeing of students


Support students with additional needs in the classroom environment

assessment requirements

  1. Work with others to support students with additional needs
  2. Support individual students with additional needs
  3. Assist with classroom programs to support students with additional needs
  4. Contribute to learning opportunities


Participate in work health and safety

assessment requirements

  • Follow safe work practices
  • Implement safe work practices
  • Contribute to safe work practices in the workplace
  • Reflect on own safe work practices