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ART-PROGRAMS.JPGParticipating in the arts isnít just about being creative. An arts rich program in early childhood builds fundamental skills which will be useful right through life. Early years arts activities can help children make sense of their cognitive, physical, emotional, spiritual, linguistic, and moral development. Early childhood arts activities can significantly strengthen parent-child bonds and engage families in their childrenís learning, providing a positive focus for shared experience and communication.

It is these outcomes that drive our goals, philosophy and curriculum by creating programs with a strong focus on creative arts. In addition to our daily music program, we offer a number of programs that support childrenís development and encourages their natural affinity.

Our programs arenít about how talented a child may be, but instead focus on the creative process and the skills developed through art. Children have the opportunity to use their cognitive and problem-solving skills and enhance their concentration. They have to think through how they are going to make their imagined creations real. These problem-solving skills enable them to think creatively in other situations. Once finishing the project this gives children a sense of accomplishment.