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Four Year Old Kindergarten Program in Geelong

Student with paper skeleton in our kindergarten in GeelongAs your preschool child progresses towards school age, he or she will require more challenge in experience and more complexity in relationships to prepare for the transition to school, and a lifetime of learning. The most important indication that children are ready for school can be observed in their social skills. At school, children need to be confident enough to solve their own conflicts, ask questions of adults that they don't know, work independently as well as co-operatively with others, and make new friends.

Our four year old Kindergarten program will build on the skills your child has developed through attending our 3 year old program, and prepare your child for school through:

For this reason, our program is developed a kindergarten program to provide opportunities for your child to develop confidence and self-esteem, to practice creative problem solving skills, to be independent and make choices, to communicate effectively, and work co-operatively with others.

Our Kindergarten teacher also concentrates on the pre-maths and pre-language skills as a building interest of the children throughout the year.

The development of pre-maths and pre-language skills are enhanced through incidental teaching e.g. asking children how many objects they have, or placing named placemats at the lunch tables to encourage the recognition of names, and through exploring these concepts with the children in the children's own time and when they are interested.

While our Kindergarten Program does not include the formal teaching of your child to read and write, our staff do actively encourage your child's interest.

Your four year old child's Kindergarten year is preparation for his or her transition to primary school, and as such is an important year in your child's development.

Primary schools are challenging places for young children. Your school age child will be expected to co-operate with others, share equipment, follow rules, take turns and be considerate of others. He or she will be encouraged to take care of themselves and their belongings, and to keep themselves safe. At school, your child will be motivated to use new words, to express themselves with words, music and paint, and to listen and comment on stories and ideas.

In the year before your child's starting primary school, our Kindergarten team, through their daily work, will help your child to prepare for this exciting and new world.