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Rajah Room News

Firstly a big welcome to all our Rajah families this year, the staff in Rajah are looking forward to getting to know your children. We hope the year is fun and that your child can explore rich and meaningful experiences.

Rajah would like to welcome Alice, our new addition to the team, Alice come to us from the Allunga room and has completed her Certificate III in Children’s Services. Alice has settled well into Rajah already connecting and forming bonds with your children.

As term 2 is fast approaching us and the cooler weather will be upon us please remember to provide your child with appropriate clothing, warmer clothes for example: a jacket for outdoors and a beanie and a change of clothing in the case your child becomes wet through water play or general accidents.

This year has started off busy, the children have explored their fine motor manipulation through art and craft. By pasting feathers and material to cardboard, some wonderful creations have been produced. Sensory play is always explored - play dough has been a hit with cakes, bird nests and the rolling of snakes. This brought a lot of conversations to the table between the children.

The staff in Rajah throughout the term so far has been working on social skills like turn taking, co-operating with peers, listening and patience. This will be ongoing throughout the year as we believe this is an important experience for children and it prepares them for kinder experiences and life.

We have had a lot of group play in our home corner from washing clothes to feeding babies a lot of roll play has occurred in home corner this explores different aspects of identity.

Growing grass is another hit within rajah. The children are curious as to how things grow and learn respect for our environment through caring for the grass by watering it daily.

In the up and coming weeks we are exploring different identites through dramatic play using puppets we have had pirate Pete visit rajah, a puppet the children have taken a liking to.

We are colour sorting small blocks into tubs to strengthen children’s knowledge on colours; this extends their problem solving skills. We are covering shape recognition through songs and flashcards at group time also.

Children’s wellbeing is being explored through self help routines washing their own hands before snack and lunch. Conversations and guidance is being given relating to personal hygiene for example covering our mouth whilst coughing and toilet procedures; this extends all children’s knowledge and gives them responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing.

We have recently had the centre involved in funky hair day. This raises money for the Leukaemia Foundation, the children enjoyed participating in this event with their hair being colored, discussions as to why we colour our hair and donate were simplified for the children to have a basic understanding. We spoke of raising money for sick people so that they can have medicines and the money to research new medicines.

We look forward to a fun filled exciting year with all your children, if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to ask the Rajah staff.

Kind regards

Kim, Jasmina, Alice and Danielle 

Thank you from Rajah Staff

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