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Susan, Cathy and Tania  - OWFC Green team committee

Last year One World for Children developed a ‘Green Team’. One World for Children have always been environmentally conscious,  with the new legislation in regards to the carbon emissions and the water restrictions gripping the country, we developed our ‘Green Team’ to make what we do more advanced and effective. With our Green Team working on an action plan for waste minimization, we are helping to sustain our environment and help with our ecological footprint.

green-basics-ecological-footprint-map-by-country.jpgEcological footprint: what is it?

An analysis that gauges our impact on the planet's biological systems, the ecological footprint measures human consumption of natural resources in comparison to Earth's ecological capacity to regenerate them. Individually, each of us has "a footprint," and, collectively, they aggregate across geographical zones and other means of classification. Calculation of the footprint takes into account just about everything we do; from the food we eat, to the house we live in, to the car we drive and the other consumption habits we practice each day. It's a very complex calculation that answers a straightforward question: how much of the Earth's resources do our lifestyles require?

The expression of the size of our individual or collective footprint is usually expressed in the number of planets we'd need to support our current lifestyles. It's a very widely-used measure, and is most useful as a way to take a small amount of information and apply it to a wider population.

To help you understand this process better you may like to look at the following website: http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/ecologicalfootprint/calculators/

This is a fun way to look at ecology. This will calculate your own personal footprint (please be aware that there are two versions and the one requiring Flash Player may take a long time to download).

We would like you to become more conscious of your own actions. Reflections and thinking can lead to decisions and action being taken!

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