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Fees and policies


Fees at One World include the provision of meals, snacks, nappies, linen and suncare for children attending the Children's Centre, and are charged for either:

according to your families' needs.

The Child Care Benefit scheme is available to assist families with the cost of child care.

Our Customer Service Officer will be only too pleased to provide you with information regarding the Child Care Benefit scheme, and to assist you in completing your application form. She can also advise you of the approximate cost of child care for your family, after Child Care Benefit has been taken into account.

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Administration Policies and Procedures

In assisting your family in the decision making process, we would like to inform you that the management of One World Children's Centre will be guided by the following administration policies and procedures.

Absences, Accounts and ReceiptsCancelling Care
Holidays, Outstanding Accounts, Public Holidays, Variations to Bookings

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