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I'm worried about if my child could be abused at the centre - like I've seen on TV?

The beauty of a long day care centre is the constant supervision of staff. Even if only one child is in care, two staff are required on the premises. Our safety glass doors and viewing windows also improve supervision of staff. We have also taken great care over the choice of our staff and many of the staff are undergoing further training. Regular formal staff meetings, daily consultations and appropriate in-service events keep communication lines open and standards high. It would be next to impossible for a person to act improperly and the employment conditions specify instant dismissal for such an incident. You can be confident in the safety of your child.

The governing philosophy of the centre is that the safety and well-being of the child is the first priority. Staff take a comforting approach with children to make a home-like atmosphere. Young children require comfort, support, guidance and reassurance. Apart from the occasional upset, it is apparent at any visit to One World that the children are happy, settled and playing comfortably in the environment.

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