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Ballah Room News

Hello to all our families, and a big warm welcome to all our new families. ††

This year we have started off with a change of room leaders. Tina has moved on from One World For Children and Ballah room wish her all the best. I, Melissa have been appointed the exciting role of team leader and Iím enjoying getting to know all your children.

I will be working 10.00 am-6.36 pm if any parents have any concerns or questions regarding your child or our Ballah program. Jess and Kirah can also assist with any concerns.

The Ballah children have settled in well and the Ballah team will be working closely together with the children to provide a stimulating and nurturing environment.

In our environment there are so many things to explore both indoors and outdoors and with the sunny days we have had the children have enjoyed paddling their feet in the pond and playing with the boats. The children have also enjoyed playing in the sandpit; they have enjoyed making sandcastles and doing lots of cooking. †

Ice blocks in the room set up with natural resources have been really popular. They love feeling the ice melt in their hands.

The Ballah children have been very creative to start off the year. They are enjoying expressing themselves, whether it is using painting/drawing, or playing with the play dough. We have lots of art work created and itís a lovely thing at the end of the day when the children can give them to their parents/carers.

Home corner continues to be an activity of interest as the children enjoy the social interaction in this area. Ballah children have been practising sharing and other social skills in this area while challenging their imaginations through role playing. It is interesting to watch the children in home corner and see the different ways children role play with their peers.

The older children have made a smooth transition to kinder which has been really good to see and they enjoy having the opportunity to play in both rooms.

Feel free to take your childís portfolio home at any time to have a look through. We encourage you to write comments in the Parents voice section and to add your own pages to your childís book. This way, the portfolio really becomes individual to your child.

Hats are required throughout the year. Terms 1 and 4 we request sun smart hats while Terms 2 and 3 you can send in warmer beanies.

Please ensure you name your childís belongings as it makes it easier for staff to identify if they are misplaced.

Donít forget you can communicate with us directly via email

Until next time - Ballah Team

Melissa, Jess,†Kirah and Maddy

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