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Hi everyone and welcome to the Allunga E-news. We would like to welcome all our new children and families into the Allunga Room. The children seem to be settling in very well in their new environment and have built some positive relationships with other peers. The past few months we’ve seen some great progress and developments in the children and their learning and we’ve gotten some fantastic feedback and input from home which has helped us with our program. The children have been showing their problem solving skills by doing puzzles, which also encourages them to learn and recognise their colours and numbers. In our environment there are so many things to explore both indoors and outdoors, and with all the sunny days we have had, the children have really enjoyed paddling their feet in the pond and playing with lots of water experiences.

The children have been getting really creative with the easel mixing colours together and discussing their results. As I am sure you’re seeing this with some of their work that is going home.

Home corner has been turned into a warm environment complete with food, cutlery, oven, table and lots more. This experience has proven very popular with all age groups. The children are playing in large or small groups, or alone in this area and concentrating for long periods of time. By completing small tasks such as baking, the children are using their imagination, preparing and serving all sorts of food to peers and/or baby dolls.

Over the next few months the Allunga children will be learning and exploring our environment and the world we live in including our wild life, names of animals, the sounds animals make, what foods they eat and where they live. We will be extending this into the program by using books, props, water experiences and discussions at group times.      


Autumn is upon us, the leaves are falling and what fun the children have been having outside getting all the leaves together and throwing them up in the air and catching them. We have been exploring the leaves and the different shapes and colours of each one. As the weather is changing at the moment we need to make sure the children are dressed in comfortable and warm clothing.  We also need to remember we are a sun safety centre so please remember to pack your child’s hat.

Your child’s individual profile books are freely available for you to view and take home at any time. We greatly appreciate the input that you make and feel it is a special and significant opportunity for you to be involved with your child’s learning.

Until next time... Jill, Jess, Marli and Liz

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The Allunga Team

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