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If the number is 17 or under the workshop will be running

"Outlook" if you click on this link it will automatically place it in your outlook calendar with the required link

Slides are not yet finished but you can access student slides for now through Learner's World
If you need the note slides email me and I will get them to you :)

Moderator details will be on soon

Just an experiment at the moment so if you have any ideas let me know and I will pop in :)


DateLogon TimeWorkshop  

May 2018

21/05/20187:00pm AESTPractical Solutions to Everyday Behaviours Slides Outlook 13 Enter room
21/05/20188:15pm AESTPractices and Principles in Action Slides Outlook 14 Enter room

June 2018

04/06/20187:00pm AESTBuilding a Strong Sense of Identity Slides Outlook 21 Enter room
04/06/20188:15pm AESTConnecting Children with the World Slides Outlook 21 Enter room
21/06/20187:00pm AESTReflecting on yourself and the curriculum Slides Outlook 19 Enter room
21/06/20188:15pm AESTManaging Children's Behaviour Slides Outlook 20 Enter room

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