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One World for Children Booking Form

You can use this form for up to 3 children for any forthcoming event. [For more than 3 children you will need to make 2 bookings]

Type the children's names [First name and last name] in the columns provided, and then tick the events that that child wants to attend.

Date/Event Person 1Person 2Person 3
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and tick the events to attend

Bushday at You Yangs


Kangaroos & Minigolf at Anglesea


Marine Discovery Centre

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I, , give permission for my child/ren to attend all the excursions listed above and confirm that I have lawful authority of the child/ren. I confirm that the emergency contacts listed on the enrolment forms are true and correct and can be used in case of an emergency. (tick box to confirm)

Where a staff member considers it advisable to obtain medical, dental, ambulance or hospital attention I give permission for the staff to arrange for my child to receive such attention. The telephone numbers and addresses listed on the enrolment are for the places at which any member of the children’s centre staff or the staff of any hospital, medical or dental practitioner may contact me in the event that x-ray, anaesthetic or minor surgery is prescribed. I understand to be responsible for the cost of any such medical, dental, ambulance or hospital attention. (tick box to confirm)

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